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1.Ayurveda Treatments & Consultations.

Ayurveda online consultations and personal consultations are given at our Centre. Treatments are given for all chronic ailments, life style diseases and for new emerging diseases.

2.Prevention of Diseases 

Ayurvedic Guidelines and certain methods of detoxifications are available and offered for Preventing diseases.

This is to safeguard against certain seasonal diseases, infections like Flues, Hay Fevers, Fevers, Allergies, Colds and Coughs and aggravation of Respiratory infections and diseases.

3.Promotion of Good Health

For exclusive Promotion of Visual Health, Cardiac Health, Lungs Health, Liver Health, Kidney Health, Sexual Health, Brain Health, Gastric Health, Neurological Health, Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Geriatric Health, Memory Improvement, Immunity Boosters are available with Ayurveda procedures and Medicines.

4.Ayurveda Teaching & Training. 

Available as a teacher for teaching Ayurveda Medicine and Panchakarma to interested peoples and professionals.

Ayurveda practical training shall also be given.

5.Ayurveda Research & Development.

Guidance shall be given for Ayurveda clinical research projects and new formulations.